Investment Design



In the process of investment design we apply the following approach:

  • Pre-investment research;
  • Assignment of design;
  • Preparation of draft project;
  • Preparation of technical project;

Pre-investment research

Technological studies of offerings with optimum technology;

Assignment of design

Reviewing and specifying output data, necessary for developing and approving the project:

  • Construction site requirements;
  • Design phases;
  • General technical, economic, technological, operational and planning site requirements;
  • General functional and compositional site parameters.

Preparation of draft project

  • Drawings (technological plans and technical diagrams) illustrating the proposed design solutions;
  • Explanatory note, clarifying suggested design solutions.

Preparation of technical project

  • Final drawings (allocations, sections)showing the accepted technological solutions;
  • Explanatory note, explaining the accepted technological solutions;
  • Technological calculations, stating the project solutions.

Activities related to investment projects:

Vertical Planning

Vertical planning project (VPP) of the area provides for the necessary relief correction of terrain in order to be shaped and adapted to the requirements of construction, water draining and transport in the most appropriate and economical execution of ground work, including their rearrangement. It gives a visual idea of the territory that will be urbanized.

VPP plans

Prepared for settlements and other built-up areas or their parts in accordance with their approved general and detailed site development plans, zoning and development plans and detailed neighborhood zoning and construction plans.

VPP plans are intended to provide for functional and harmonious living environment in all aspects - live, work, recreation and more, through conversion of the existing ground relief.

How to change the status of agricultural lands?

Procedure includes all steps till obtaining resolution for modified land-use.