GPS/GNSS Surveying


Global Positioning System (GPS) or the advanced Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) is a satellite navigation system for determination of (absolute) position of objects in real time onto or near the surface of the Earth with accuracy within several meters.

By GPS/GNSS surveying the location of a ground point is determined. From the specialist's point of view this means that spatial coordinates are obtained in a geocentric coordinate system. GPS/GNSS surveying shows the process of defining coordinates with GPS/GNSS receivers.

"Zenit-Geo" offers the following services in the field of GPS/GNSS surveying:

  • Geodetic network surveying for the needs of Cadastre;
  • Establishing transformation parameters for the transition from one coordinate system to another;
  • Geodetic surveying for engineering projects (roads, creation of digital model of a relief, stake-out an area and linear objects);
  • Determining datum marks necessary for production of ortophoto plans;
  • Geodetic survey with GPS/GNSS receivers and software for data processing;

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