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"Zenit-Geo" Ltd. was established in 1992 and operates in the field of land surveying and engineering.

The company has significant experience in providing an array of geodetic services such as land surveying and stake out, geodetic processing - geodetic control networks, precise technical leveling, boundary surveying and vertical planning, GPS survey data processing, data reading and analysis, GPS control networks, preparation of digital geodetic maps: cadastral map, urban development plans, land division.

"Zenit-Geo" Ltd. has branches in Pazardzhik, Sofia, Plovdiv and Karlovo.

In 2008 "Zenit-Geo" Ltd. became an authorized distributor of Autodesk software products. The company offers and elaborates GIS solutions based on Autodesk Topobase and started their implementation in the biggest open pit mining company in Bulgaria for extraction and processing of copper ore - "Assarel Medet" AD.

In September 2008 "Zenit-Geo" started a new project, aimed at offering high technology, advanced networking solutions, providing precise positioning through GNSS technology.

The company completed the installation of a network of 30 permanent GNSS reference stations. The network, named "GeoNet", is the only one in Bulgaria providing full nationwide coverage by receiving signals from the U.S. satellite GPS system (Global Positioning system) and the Russian GLONASS (Globalnaya Navigatsionnaya Sputnikovaya System).

Since the beginning of 2006 "Zenit-Geo" is certified according to international standards for quality management ISO 9001:2000. As of May 2009 the company is recertified with the new version of ISO 9001:2008.

The scope of Мanagement system of the quality of services:

  • - Geodesy
  • - Design and consulting in the field of cadastral services
  • - Cartography
  • - Photogrammetry
  • - Infrastructural Design
  • - Supply and maintenance of specialized surveying equipment and software
  • - Design and implementation of GIS and GNSS solutions