Map of reinstated ownership


Map of reinstated ownership (MRO) combines data from land division plan, map of the existing former real boundaries of agricultural land, established in accordance with the Law on Ownership and Use of Agricultural Land (LOUAL)and the map of reinstated ownership of forest and forestry land, established under the Law on Reinstated Ownership of Forest and Forestry Land (LROFFL).

Maintaining MRO is carried out at the request of private individual or legal entity, or ex officio. Service payments under Regulation 49 are made in accordance with Tariff charges, published in the State Gazette, issue 81, on 12.09.2003.

"Zenit-Geo" offers the following services related to MRO:

  • Reinstatement of ownership of agricultural land and forests in accordance with LOUAL and LROFFL.

    Entering resolutions of Municipal Agriculture Office (MAO) for reinstatement of property in former real boundaries;

    Entering resolutions for ownership reinstatement with a plan of land division;

    Entering resolutions of compensation with lands;

  • Geodetic services related to reinstatement of land ownership (survey, stake-out) –

    Property identification and stake-out in existing and reinstatable former real boundaries; A drawing is issued for approval by MAO. MAO prepares protocol for the property subject of survey, or protocol for an accession to an estate.

  • Geodetic survey and coordination of area and linear objects or perennial plants.
  • Stake-out and/or survey, coordination of property boundaries –

    Carried out by chartered entity, licensed under Article 12, p.7 of Law on Cadastre and Property Register (LCPR) for a period no longer than 20 working days.

    The company issues property stake-out protocols and protocols for construction permit.

  • Entering changes in MRO, occurring during the implementation of infrastructure projects of State importance.
  • Entering Committee resolutions that have become effective under Article 17 of the Law on Protection of Agriculture Lands (LPAL).
  • Entering accomplished investment projects under Law on Territory Planning (LTP).
  • Entering changes in the register of owners and property register - registration of property purchase and sale, partition, inheritance, donation, court finding.
  • Entering engineering and infrastructure projects, buildings and equipment in the digital model of MRO -

    Data is entered in the MRO at request of entities concerned and provided in "ZEM" format after geodetic survey is carried out.

  • Numbering parcels of Parcel plans (for farmyards)
  • Producing property drawing -

    A drawing of landed property represents a copy of MRO and shows the property status at the date of issuance of drawing, according to the register data. It is valid for a period of 6 months and must be recertified by MAO in case no changes were made in property data.

  • Producing copy of a map or map excerpts -

    On plotter paper per sq. m., tracing paper, heliographic paper on hard material.

  • Producing a file of parcel of land -

    includes property data, owners' details, property rights, servitude, rent and lease, statement of claims, mortgages, foreclosure and other charges, administrative restrictions of use.

  • Producing a draft drawing for division or incorporation of property –

    Other documents are attached to the drawing containing properties' data for division or incorporation, owner's details, mortgages paper and other property charges, administrative restrictions and newly formed properties' data and their owners.

  • Changing the long-term land use -

    Carried out after application has been placed at MAO and property inspection is assigned by Committee to establish the modification.

  • Preparing oral and written reports and landed property consultations -

    Anyone may ask for reference of the register entries of certain property in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and the Classified Information Protection Act.

  • Recording/removing servitudes and restrictions of use, property statement of claim, foreclosures and other property charges, mortgages, limited property rights, etc.
  • Recording/removing low levels (categories, long-term land use, buildings)
  • Producing property survey book copy for entering and/or providing coordinates (x,y) of property boundary points -

    Officially certified by the technical support company and MAO.

  • Providing coordinates of survey network with bench mark and/or property boundary points.
  • Lease or rent contract registration for lease or rent document to be issued, as well as preliminary termination of these contracts.
  • Recording/extending/terminating contracts for sublease, subrent, land settlement and forest management.
  • Providing characteristics balance -

    Type of territory as per its purpose

    - ownership type
    - long-term land use
    - soil category, etc.
    (both paper and digital copy)

  • Verification of available information from the current massif register -

    Includes data about all properties in a certain massif: number, location, owner, Long-term Land Use (LTLU), category, size of property.