GPS and GNSS projects

GNSS network

In September 2008 "Zenit-Geo" started a new project, aimed at offering high technology, advanced networking solutions, providing precise positioning through GNSS technology. The company completed the installation of a network of 30 permanent GNSS reference stations. The network, named "GeoNet", is the only one in Bulgaria providing full nationwide coverage by receiving signals from the U.S. satellite GPS system (Global Positioning system) and the Russian GLONASS (Globalnaya Navigatsionnaya Sputnikovaya System).

The network equipment and software are provided by our partner "Trimble Navigation" - leader in the field of GNSS technology and software solutions. The installation of "GeoNet" was consulted by "Solitech" JSC - official representative of Trimble Navigation in Bulgaria.

This project has national importance and guarantees optimization of works in the field of:

  • Survey and Cadastre;
  • Construction of facilities and linear objects;
  • Deformation monitoring;
  • Research activities related to geodynamic processes;
  • Disaster alert systems;
  • Utility sector and public services;
  • Cartographic and GIS applications
  • Management and control of transportation services, vehicle tracking.
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