Geographic information systems


"Zenit-Geo" offers GIS services for a wide range of businesses, including transportation (land and water), telecommunications, mining, utility sectors and municipal organizations.

GIS is a fast developing technology combining graphic elements with data sheet tables in order to assess and resolve existing problems. GIS capabilities exceed computerized cartography. Simply defined GIS can be represented as a high-level technological map equivalent. However, data storage of easy-to-access digital format enables complex analysis and modeling which was absolutely impossible before. The possibility GIS data to be accessed via web is a new opportunity widely spread in public and private sector services.

"Zenit-Geo" offers web-based GIS services as separate applications that can be published and accessible via World Wide Web. Web-based GIS applications may be part of a web site, portal or business application. The end user can be located everywhere around the world and able to receive data (graphic and table) of a spatial query with a regular web browser.

Geographic Information Systems developed by "Zenit-Geo" bind digital maps and data, merging them into a database. "Zenit-Geo" develops interactive online applications with PHP, JAVA, .NET and relational databases such as Oracle Spatial, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server. The applications that run on MapGuide or Mapserver, may be optimized to customer needs.

GIS technologies combine traditional operations when working with databases and statistical analysis with the advantages of complete tools for visualization and spatial analysis.

"Zenit-Geo" develops GIS using Autodesk Topobase software, licensed by Autodesk Switzerland.

Autodesk solution for CAD and GIS enables to improve inefficient processes, enhance data quality and make easier information exchange, ensuring integration of information for corporate assets. The system is intended for infrastructure design, maintenance and management of geospatial data and assets.

Centralized access to geospatial data makes information exchange between departments in a company easier and ensures transparency of information for projects, GIS data and resources.

Autodesk Topobase can be applied in public and municipal administration, as well as companies working in the field of heavy and light industry.