Urban planning

Procedure of modifying the status of agricultural lands

Procedure includes all steps till obtaining resolution for modified land-use.

Step 1:

Preparing Detailed Site Development Plan (DSDP) - Zoning and Development Plan (ZDP) for modifying use of agricultural land: issuance and endorsement of drawings, file a development motion to the Municipality chief architect.

Step 2:

Submitting project documentation for consideration by the Council of Experts: preparing DSDP - 4 folders, applications and documents to obtain statements of consent from all exploitation companies based on Art. 121 of the Law on Territory Planning (LTP). Preparing transport and communication diagram. Submitting documents for issuance of Certificate of categorization. Submitting correspondence documents for consideration by the Committee on land.

Step 3:

Handling and obtaining statements by the relevant authorities, necessary to carry out the procedure for modifying land-use: filing the project for research (finding the entities concerned (like neighbors) in the project and announcing the development) and approval.

Step 4:

Submitting the project documentation for research and approval by the Municipality.

Step 5:

Preparing, coordinating and submitting all papers necessary for modifying the land-use to the Regional Directorate „Agriculture and Forests”.

Step 6:

Submitting final resolution of the Committee on land to modify the land-use. DSDP - prepared in order to modify the use of agricultural land.

A) Landed property regulation.

B) Reassigning terrains for agricultural purposes.

C) Reassigning terrains for the purposes of infrastructural projects and engineering facilities - creating draft project for building, reconstructing and rehabilitating linear objects.