Boundary surveying

Zoned property is a property with street and yard development plan existing, i.e. it is part of an urban development plan. It is identified on the map with roman numerals followed by Arabic numerals of the property.

If city-planning procedure is in force for this property issuance of design permit can be proceeded. Otherwise Draft Site Development Plan (DSDP) is produced and provided for approval by the property's neighbors, under certain conditions.

If no objections are raised, DSDP shall come into force and design permit application can be filed. For areas with no cadastral maps applies zoning and development plan, approved by the Municipality.

Urban development plan maintenance is carried out when are made:

  • - Changes in street or yard planning;
  • - Extensions to the urban development plan;

Object of maintenance are copies of the urban development plan, stake-out coordinated axial network and yard survey books.

For all services rendered by the company, owners need to submit:

  • - Updated drawing of the property (with 6 months expiration period) issued by the technical department of the Municipality;
  • - Property title (deed or court resolution for accession to an estate);

Vertical planning maintenance is carried out when are made:

  • - Changes due to recently arisen state and public needs of locality;
  • - Extentions to the urban development plan;
  • Vertical planning maintenance is normally done after the leveling plan is adjusted.

Vertical planning projects:

Direct geodetic surveys are carried out and put in separate folders.

Vertical planning project is developed based on the following source materials:

  • - Geodetic survey provided by the company (M 1:250);
  • - General plan for the site;
  • - Architectural drawings for the site;

This project defines a zero-cycle elevation of the building, drawings in vertical planning are addressed in the space around it.

For the needs of stake-out a routing plan is produced and attached to stake-out book enabling stake-out of the building and all elements subject of development.