Hydro sites

"Zenit-Geo" perform researches and engineering of hydro technical, irrigative, agricultural and industrial projects:

  • Hydro technical facilities and sites (dams, hydroelectric plants, tunnels, reinforcing landslides, all types of waste depots, roads and bridges);
  • Hydromeliorative sites (drainage and irrigation systems, pumping stations, soil recultivation);
  • River beds adjustments, embankments, dikes;
  • Erosion protection installations;
  • Drinking and Waste Water Treatment Plants;
  • Municipal solid and hazardous waste depots;
  • Water supply and sewage;
  • An update of the draft projects is made for establishing construction and building works (CBW) and the necessary funds to complete the dam walls, construction of anti-filtration systems against encircling filtration, repairs of lifting equipment, restoration of water intakes, reinforcing landslides, etc.

  • Establishing site category according to art. 137 of the LTP;
  • Inspection and detailed survey of the site;
  • Existing developments of projects, including hydrological, engineering and geological, and hydro geological researches;
  • Hydraulic and statistical calculations;
  • Graphic applications - longitudinal and cross-section profiles, set ups, sections and details of site equipment, overflow drains and operational roads;
  • Developing hydro technical, construction and constructional, mechanical and electrical project developments in accordance with Regulation № 4 regarding the scope and content of investment projects;
  • Organizing and implementing CBW providing the required construction and constructional drawings, details and extents, split into separate construction stages;
  • Quantity and quality accounts for CBW occurred in order to complete dams and facilities;
  • Safety plan of the site in accordance with requirements of Regulation № 2 of Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works;.